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Tonight I'll be sleeping,
sleeping with my eyes wide shut.

Stira Sleepwalker!AU Kira’s got a history of sleepwalking that dates back to her childhood, her body moving itself to places where she would find otherwise safety in the light of day. It starts acting up again after the Nogitsune has been beaten — but instead of coming to Scott McCall, she instead starts to climb into Stiles’ bedroom window, wherein she stands at the edge of his bed, molten-gold eyes glowing incomprehensibly as he wakes up to her. 

If that’s not enough, she doesn’t just stand there — she climbs into his bed mechanically, and takes full advantage of his sleep-deprived decision making skills. She sleeps in his bed, wakes in his room and makes him breakfast in the morning as a payback of sorts. 

It happens enough times that he’s become used to her coming over in the night, and she always sleeps soundly in his bed with him than alone and in her own. But the fact remains that Scott doesn’t know this is taking place behind his back, and Kira’s starting to develop feelings for his best friend. 

It’s a fuck-up of massive proportions.